Dental Cleaning

Anesthetic Dental Cleaning

Our anesthetic dental cleaning includes the following: IV catheter, IV fluids, isoflurane gas anesthesia, full mouth dental radiographs, scaling, polishing, wax treatment, and fluoride treatment. Your pet will be monitoring with our state of the art anesthesia monitoring equipment, checking vitals on heart rate, carbon dioxide-oxygen exchange, EKG, blood pressure, pulse, and blood oxygenation.

For any pet undergoing an anesthetic procedure, we require pre-anesthetic blood testing. Underlying health conditions may not be detected during a physical exam and may require diagnostic testing for us to ensure a safe anesthetic procedure.

Should your pet need any dental extractions they may range in cost depending on location. Owners are contacted during the procedure to authorize any extractions before they are removed. We recommend scheduling a dental examination for the most accurate price quote for your pet.