Cryptorchid Neuter


Cryptorchid Neuter

Most male puppies will have both testicles descended by the recommended neuter age of six months. However, a small percentage of male puppies have either one or both testicles retained within the groin or abdominal cavity (cryptorchid). Previous surgical techniques to remove the undescended testicle involved a blind search and prolonged anesthesia time. Laparoscopic-assisted cryptorchid neuter surgery provides a significant improvement in surgical technique for this condition.


  1. Better visualization of abdominal organs means an easier location of the retained testicle

  2. Shorter anesthesia and surgery time

  3. Smaller incisions mean less pain

If you live in the Orange County area and would like to get your dog or puppy neutered, but either one or both testicles are retained within the groin or abdominal cavity (cryptorchid), call Avery Animal Clinic today at 949-364-0730.
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